Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have exclusive use of the arena?
The arena is open to all customers in all games, subject to maximum capacity.
It is heaps of fun too, to put your skills against or work in teams with others.
For exclusive games, look at booking a Private Session or Private Midnight To Dawn

Are there any age restrictions?
Laser tag games are strictly 8+ years or older – 6-7 year olds may play with parental supervision however may not fully comprehend the games purpose – speak to us if you’re unsure!

What should I wear?
Enclosed footwear is required. Anything you feel comfortable exercising in!

What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash, EFTPOS, Credit & Invoice under some circumstances. Sorry, we don’t accept Amex or Diners.

Does it hurt & will I be taught how to play?
Laser tag is a physical activity, however the ‘lasers’ that the phaser shoots are just very bright lights paired with an infared beam. Unlike paintball, there is no pain involved as there is no impact. Our trained staff members will provide you with an in depth briefing on how to play.

I have a birthday party. Can I bring extra food?
You are welcome to bring additional snacks on the day. We have fridges and freezers available for your use. However, Darkzone is not legally allowed to heat or reheat external food and does not possess any liquor license.

Can Darkzone sponsor my sporting club or school trivia night?
Darkzone proudly continues to support local organisations and sporting groups in Melbourne. In 2016, we donated over $5,000 worth of sessions and will continue to be involved in the community in 2017. We can arrange trivia night prizes, door prizes and achievement awards for sporting clubs. We are able to give gifts in kind only. If you are interested, please email with a formal letter request and we will assess the suitability.